The Gallocanta lagoon is a unique marshland in Spain because of its biological diversity and the fact that it receives a large number of migrating birds.

It is strategically located and every year different species of aquatic birds such as diving ducks and coots come to spend the winter here or use the lagoon as a stopover or as a breeding ground.

In addition, every year the Gallocanta lagoon is a strategic meeting point for large concentrations of cranes which emigrate each winter to warmer latitudes. This situation is further facilitated by the lake’s habitat which provides abundant food resources for its clawed guests, making the Gallocanta lagoon the most important Spanish enclave for the common crane.

In 1987 the Gallocanta lagoon was declared a Special Bird Reserve Area (ZEPA) and since 1994 it has been placed on the list of internationally important marshlands.

This habitat deserves protection and must be preserved and respected.

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